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Skid Steer & Doozer Parts

  • Snow Thrower

    Snow Thrower

    As its name shows, a snow thrower is a single-stage machine that is able to gather and toss out snow in a single motion provided by the power generated by a horizontal spinning auger. Applicable Size: It’s applicable to all kinds of major brands of skid steer loaders & wheel loaders. Characteristic: 1) Gather – This snow thrower works with a hydraulic motor impeller to gather the snow at one place into the thrower itself. 2) Tossing – With the assistance of centrifugal force, it could tos...
  • 4 IN 1 Bucket

    4 IN 1 Bucket

    It’s a special-designed versatile tool that combines the functions of 4 attachments for a skid steer loader. Applicable Size: It’s with great applicability that suits all models. Characteristic: 1) In a natural position, it could function as a digging bucket that is competent for scooping. 2) After opening the bucket, it will reveal both a wedge blade for grading and pushing dirt and a grapple which could do both grabbing and crushing. Beyond all the above, its entire unit could be lowered do...
  • Dozer Blade

    Dozer Blade

    The dozer blade is a versatile attachment that transforms a regular skid steer into a compact dozer. Applied Size: It could be applied to all kinds of loaders, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, etc. Characteristic: 1) Combined with the tractive effort of the loader, this blade could turn the machine itself into a dozer machine for handling tough projects. 2) The reversible cutting edge provides better uptime protection and thus a longer time span between blade exchanges. 3) ...
  • Dozer Rake

    Dozer Rake

    It’s a tool with a teeth-like design structure for easier penetration into the ground for clearing land inefficiency. Applicable Size: Its applicability allows it to be able to work on all kinds of models. Characteristic: 1) the design with space in between two teeth allows sifting out unwanted trash from necessary materials on the ground. 2) the teeth could penetrate deeply into the surface for cleaning out. 3) Rakes are available for any model dozer. 4) After brackets have been installed, t...