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RSBM Multi Function 4 in 1 excavator bucket

RSBM 4 in 1 excavator bucket can be open and close via two cylinders at the back. Two cutting edges both side, assembled with bolts, when second cutting edge broken, it can be removed, change a new one. When bucket closed, it has same function as mud bucket, can be used for digging and loading.At the same time, four-in-one bucket has clam shell bucket’s function when it opened,it can unload material easily. We have double cutting edges and teeth type.

Features & advantage

1.The bucket can carry out various tasks such as Digging and Grading.

2.The bucket also acts as a grapple handling logs, rocks and scrap. 3.The bucket uses NM400 material throughout for high strength, greater wear resistance and longer life.

4.The two powerful Hydraulic Cylinders have the ability to allow the bucket to grab items without having to change the excavator attachment.

5.The multifunctional 4 IN 1 bucket significantly reduces clearance and excavation time as these tasks can be carried out using the same attachment.


For material loading and unloading; used for grabbing wood, waste metal, industry waste, stone, rubbish, sand, coal, etc.

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Post time: Aug-11-2023