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  • Excavator Long Reach Boom

    Excavator Long Reach Boom

    Products features 1)Type: two-segment type (long reach boom ), three-segment type (demolition boom) Two-segment type is mainly applied in the transit of building materials like earth, sand, and concrete, slope maintenance of expressways and dredging of watercourses, etc. Three-segment type is mainly applied in demolishing high-rise. 2) Optimized materials selection: Q345B, Q690D, Hardox400/450/500 3) Standard supply contains: bucket, linkage, bucket cylinder, 4 oil pipe/hose, 6pins, and lub...
  • Integrated-power Electromagnetic Chuck

    Integrated-power Electromagnetic Chuck

    Integrated-power electromagnetic chuck: Integrate the generator set and electrical cabinet in the top of chuck (marked in yellow box in Figure 2). There are no extra accessories, once connected, it can be used anytime you want, and can be stopped as soon as you want, saving the trouble of external power control. Model Unit RSHM700 RSHM800 RSHM900 RSHM1000 RSHM1100 RSHM1200 RSHM1300 Set up Pressure (bar) 170 180 190 200 210 250 250 Opening flux (lpm) 30-55 50-100 90-110 100-140 130-1...
  • RSBM Hydraulic Pressusre Pile Driver

    RSBM Hydraulic Pressusre Pile Driver

    Hydraulic pile driver is using its high frequency vibration to vibrate pile body with high acceleration to pass the vertical vibration of mechanical produce to pile which leading to changes in the soil structure around the pile, strength decrease. Soil around the piles become liquefaction to reduce frictional resistance between side of the pile and the soil. Then using the excavator down force, vibrating pile hammer and pile body weight to sink pile into the soil. When extracting piles, in th...
  • Electromagnetic Sucker Circular Electro Magnetic Chuck

    Electromagnetic Sucker Circular Electro Magnetic Chuck

    Electromagnet truck, following the electromagnetic principle, is a device that could contact metal materials on earth and demagnetize them to achieve removal. Applied Size: From 1 to 50 tons (Could be larger for customization). Characteristic: a. The electromagnetic principle inside guides the truck itself to load and unload as needed. b. The magnetic force, produced by electrifying the internal coil, comes into play through the panel on the bottom. c. Because of the great convenience, this...
  • Excavator Parts Hydraulic Rotary Horizontal Drum Cutter

    Excavator Parts Hydraulic Rotary Horizontal Drum Cutter

    An attachment for excavator with rotating drum-shaped base equipped with picks for cutting tough rocks, concrete or frozen ground. Applied Size – From 1 to 50 tons (Could be larger for customization). Characteristic: a. The hydraulic motor inside provides a high rotating speed for cutting in a short time. b. The design gives this type of cutter the ability to work underwater without any extra modification. c. The picks, with high wear-resistance and excellent changeability, could stand...
  • Earth Auger

    Earth Auger

    As known by the name, auger drill represents a device shaped like a spiral auger which could be operated to drill deeply into the earth with high rotation, reaching meters into the ground. Earth Auger is a kind of digging hole machine. It can be mounted to all common hydraulic excavators as well as mini-excavator and another carrier like skid steer loader, backhoe loader, telescopic handler, wheel loader, and other machinery. Our auger drive can be installed with an earth drill, stump planner...