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Trenching Bucket

  • Digging Buckets (Trenching Bucket)

    Digging Buckets (Trenching Bucket)

    Digging bucket, aka trenching bucket or narrow bucket, is an attachment built for trench-making in certain environments. Applied Size: Suits 1 to 50 tons’ excavator. (Could be customized for larger tonnage) Characteristic: With a narrower shape compared with other buckets, a digging bucket could function well in certain limited working environments to assure that it goes deep down into trenches. Description of the goods: Variety of widths and shapes, such as triangle and trapezoid, etc. High ...
  • Slab Buckets

    Slab Buckets

    With a particular design for carrying, a slab bucket is with overall slender appearance and a curved bottom plate which differs from the regular digging bucket. Applicable Size: Due to its specialty, its’ applicable size should be started from 12 tons. Characteristic: Firstly, its slender appearance guarantees slates to fit in perfectly without falling due to over-wide. Secondly, with a curved shape, it could hold the slate firmly without the circumstance of the slate falling down due to bala...