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  • Mobile Scrap Shear

    Mobile Scrap Shear

    Hydraulic shear, also known is a device that could reach opening and closing by the jaw to achieve cutting. Applied Size: It could be applied to all kinds of major brands of excavators from 1 to 50 tons. Characteristic : The blade on the front side is not only with long service life for standing up some tough project, but it’s also replaceable for maintaining quick and efficient cutting as always. Features: a.Pull hook design front and rear to rip stumps out of the ground or roll them over fo...
  • RSBM Progressive Excavator Hydraulic Thumb

    RSBM Progressive Excavator Hydraulic Thumb

    Features: • Ransun Excavator Thumb, Adjustable, Easy to Install. • Folds Away Easily When Not In Use • Wear resistant steel tines. • Self storing stiff arm. • Fully gusseted for extra strength. • One Year Warranty and best price. Options: • Available for any size excavator.Custom sizes and widths available to meet your needs. • Rigid and hydraulic versions are available. Special designs and capacities are available
  • Hydraulic Rotating Grapple

    Hydraulic Rotating Grapple

    Hydraulic rotating grapple, is the more advanced grapple with a rotary system that allows 360 degrees’ rotation for lifting with more versatility. Fitted to all excavators’ models. Single-cylinder will be equipped for excavators under 3 tons, and double cylinders for over. Characteristic: Designed & manufactured with extreme closing pressures to ensure minimal load loss, and Widest Jaw Opening in its class which improves operator productivity. Besides, with the special system of rotating,...
  • Trapezoidal Bucket

    Trapezoidal Bucket

    Trapezoidal bucket, also known as V-ditch bucket or V bucket, is named by the design which features a trapezoidal appearance. Applied Size: It’s for 1 to 50 tons under most circumstances, but we could make it larger to fit customers’ s require. Characteristic: a. Both blade (single or double) type and teeth type could be made for different needs. b. The unique appearance, whose upper width is much longer than down width, allows the trench or channel to be inappropriate size and straight shape...
  • Sorting Grab

    Sorting Grab

    Main features: 1) Using Q345 manganese plate steel, high strength, and corrosion resistance. 2) The pin is made of 42CrMo alloy steel, with butt-in oil passage, high strength, and good toughness. 3) Rotary motor imported from Switzerland. 4) The oil cylinder adopts honing tube, imported HALLITE oil seal, short working cycle, and long life. Application: All kinds of large-scale, bulk materials loading and unloading or handling operations. Sorting Grab  Item/Model Unit RSSG04 RSSG06 R...
  • Standard Bucket

    Standard Bucket

    GP (general propose) bucket also known as a standard bucket, is one of the most common attachments for excavators for digging and loading. Applied Size: Suits 1 to 50 tons’ excavator. (Could be customized for larger tonnage). Characteristic: The tapered design increases the depth of the bucket, creating more efficient loading capacity. And during work, the side cutters on each side could do a good job in protecting the frame. Application: GP buckets could perform well in general clay excavati...
  • Sieve Bucket (Skeleton Bucket)

    Sieve Bucket (Skeleton Bucket)

    A modified bucket with its main loading part separated by gaps to allow larger chunks of substance to fall through, avoiding wasting time moving unnecessary materials away. It’s also known as screening buckets, shaker buckets, sifting buckets, and sort buckets (or sorting buckets). Applied Size: Suits 1 to 50 tons’ excavator. (Could be customized for larger tonnage). Characteristic: Firstly, the size or grids inside could be customized into the ideal space of customers. Secondly, attachments ...
  • Excavator Rock Bucket

    Excavator Rock Bucket

    Besides regular configuration, rock buckets are with reinforced plates, lip protectors, and side-resistant blocks for enhancement. Applied Size: Suits 1 to 50 tons’ excavator. (Could be customized for larger tonnage). Characteristic: Material with higher quality (NM 400, for example) can be customized according to requirements to maintain longer using term and strong bearing capacity. Application: Rock buckets could bear heavier works, such as mining hard gravel mixed with hard soil, sub-hard...
  • Digging Buckets (Trenching Bucket)

    Digging Buckets (Trenching Bucket)

    Digging bucket, aka trenching bucket or narrow bucket, is an attachment built for trench-making in certain environments. Applied Size: Suits 1 to 50 tons’ excavator. (Could be customized for larger tonnage) Characteristic: With a narrower shape compared with other buckets, a digging bucket could function well in certain limited working environments to assure that it goes deep down into trenches. Description of the goods: Variety of widths and shapes, such as triangle and trapezoid, etc. High ...
  • Heavy Duty Rock Bucket

    Heavy Duty Rock Bucket

    Heavy-duty rock bucket, as the strongest one in four basic buckets, is with heel shrouds and wear-resistant balls for the best protection. Applied Size: RSBM excavator buckets are customized to fit your machine from 0.1t-120t. We have a large selection of excavator buckets for popular brands such as CATERPILLAR, HITACHI, HYUNDAI, KOBELCO, CASE, DOOSAN, KOMATSU, KUBOTA, John Deere, LIEBHERR, SAMSUNG, VOLVO, YUCHAI, SANY, LIUGONG, JCB, DAEWOO and many others. Characteristic: With greater wear-r...
  • Heavy Duty Bucket

    Heavy Duty Bucket

    Standard bucket with advanced attachments (one more side cutter for protection of the frame and wear-resistant plates for advancement) to suit works that require robustness. Applied Size: Suits 1 to 50 tons’ excavator. (Could be customized for larger tonnage). Characteristic: Thicker wear plates function better than general ones for longer using-term. Application: Heavy-duty buckets are for works that require comparatively high strength materials, such as paving, tarmac, light breaking, demol...
  • Clamshell Bucket

    Clamshell Bucket

    With two pieces of buckets hinged mechanically in the middle, the clamshell bucket is named after its clam-shaped appearance with internal volume and sophisticated design. The main digging part, aka cutting edge, is attached by a bracket/hangar for vertical scooping. Applicable Size: It’s applicable for 1 to 50 tons’ excavator and could be designed larger for customization. Characteristic: Firstly, its’ vertical cylinders and tines design guarantee both high penetration into the ground for di...
  • Slab Buckets

    Slab Buckets

    With a particular design for carrying, a slab bucket is with overall slender appearance and a curved bottom plate which differs from the regular digging bucket. Applicable Size: Due to its specialty, its’ applicable size should be started from 12 tons. Characteristic: Firstly, its slender appearance guarantees slates to fit in perfectly without falling due to over-wide. Secondly, with a curved shape, it could hold the slate firmly without the circumstance of the slate falling down due to bala...
  • Mud Bucket

    Mud Bucket

    Also a specially-designed bucket without any teeth basically for cleaning up sites that have been worked, so the cleanness would be maintained, and that’s why this type of bucket is also known as a clean-up bucket or batter bucket. Applied Size: Suits 1 to 50 tons’ excavator. (Could be customized for larger tonnage). Characteristic: a. Double blades will be applied on the mud bucket with a larger size to assure durability. b. On the type with double blades, the bolts for fixing allows conveni...
  • Rotating Screening Bucket

    Rotating Screening Bucket

    As the name tells, this type of bucket combines screening (which refers to the grids inside) and rotating (due to the drum-shaped). Applied Size: Due to the high technical characteristic, this bucket suits comparatively larger sizes. Characteristic: a.The space of grids could be adjusted into 10*10mm for minimum and 30*150mm for maximum. b. The screening drum design, featured with rotary, allows the bucket to rotate at high speed so as to sieve the unnecessary substances outside. Application:...
  • RSBM Skid Steer Loader Pick Up Sweeper

    RSBM Skid Steer Loader Pick Up Sweeper

    Are you looking for a versatile and efficient sweeper that can handle light and heavy-duty clean-up tasks? Look no further than the RSBM Skid Steer Loader Pick Up Sweeper! This sweeper is designed to attach to any major brand of skid steer loader or wheel loader. It can sweep forward to pick up dirt, debris, asphalt millings, rock, and snow. It can also reverse to collect larger materials. The RSBM Skid Steer Loader Pick Up Sweeper features a hydraulic drive system that allows you to adjust t...
  • RSBM Skid Steer Trencher

    RSBM Skid Steer Trencher

    The RSBM Skid Steer Trencher is a highly versatile and powerful tool for digging trenches. Its durable construction and advanced features make it ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including construction, landscaping, and agriculture. Equipped with a high-performance hydraulic motor and durable teeth, this trencher can easily handle even the toughest jobs. Its unique design allows it to be easily attached to a skid steer loader, making it highly maneuverable and efficient. Overall...
  • RSBM Skid Steer Grapple

    RSBM Skid Steer Grapple

    Experience the power of RSBM Skid Steer Grapple, the ultimate attachment for your construction needs. With its durable design and superior gripping force, this grapple will make quick work of any job. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to increased productivity with RSBM Skid Steer Grapple. Grass Grapple Specification 60″ 72″ 84″ Total Length (mm) 1530 1830 2140 Total Width (mm) 686 686 686 Total Height (mm) 965 965 965 Weight...
  • RSBM Flail Mower

    RSBM Flail Mower

    The perfect tool for maintaining large lawns, parks, and fields. Its heavy-duty construction and versatile design make it ideal for cutting thick grass, weeds, and small trees with ease. With adjustable cutting height and durable blades, you can achieve a clean and professional look every time. Upgrade your landscaping game with RSBM Flail Mower. Flail Mower Specifition 60″ 72″ 84″ Total Length (mm) 1937 2287 2730 Total Width (mm) 1718 2033 2230 Total Height(mm) 5...
  • Tree spade for skid steer loader

    Tree spade for skid steer loader

    RSBM  Skid Steer tree spade turn yourskid loader into a high-speed, labor-saving transplanting unit. A tree can be dug or transplanted without the operator having to leave the loader. Spade is designed with a very short frame reducing the need forstabilizers and counterweights. Specifition 24″ 36″ 44″ Total Length (mm) 1329 1991 1974 Total Width (mm) 1676 1676 1692 Total Height(mm) 1320 1491 1994 Weight(kg) 545 816 981 Di...
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