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  • Dozer Blade

    Dozer Blade

    The dozer blade is a versatile attachment that transforms a regular skid steer into a compact dozer. Applied Size: It could be applied to all kinds of loaders, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, etc. Characteristic: 1) Combined with the tractive effort of the loader, this blade could turn the machine itself into a dozer machine for handling tough projects. 2) The reversible cutting edge provides better uptime protection and thus a longer time span between blade exchanges. 3) ...
  • Loader Bucket

    Loader Bucket

    It’s a basic yet versatile tool used on loader for regular works such as loading materials into trucks or cars. Applicable Size: Applicable from 0.5 to 36 m³. Characteristic: Firstly, this type of bucket, which differs from the regular (standard type) loader bucket, is with more durability which requires for projects of high intensity. Secondly, fitted with bolt-on edge or teeth, our loader bucket functions well in the tougher ground condition that includes fine shot rock and ore. Wide and s...
  • 4 N 1 Bucket

    4 N 1 Bucket

    It’s a special-designed versatile tool that combines the functions of 4 attachments for a skid steer loader. Applicable Size: It’s with great applicability that suits all models. Characteristic: 1) In a natural position, it could function as a digging bucket that is competent for scooping. 2) After opening the bucket, it will reveal both a wedge blade for grading and pushing dirt and a grapple which could do both grabbing and crushing. Beyond all the above, its entire unit could be lowered do...
  • Dozer Rake

    Dozer Rake

    It’s a tool with a teeth-like design structure for easier penetration into the ground for clearing land inefficiency. Applicable Size: Its applicability allows it to be able to work on all kinds of models. Characteristic: 1) the design with space in between two teeth allows sifting out unwanted trash from necessary materials on the ground. 2) the teeth could penetrate deeply into the surface for cleaning out. 3) Rakes are available for any model dozer. 4) After brackets have been installed, t...
  • Excavator Manual Grapple

    Excavator Manual Grapple

    Grapple is a lifting appliance that depends on jaw opening and closing crawl and unloading bulk material. It is divided into a mechanical and hydraulic grapple. Excavator wood grapple has two jaws, left and right sides, two to five claws or even more, by working on both sides of the opening and closing to grab material, shaped like two forks, as named ” Fork excavator gripper. “It’s a device with a jaw for gripping and lifting objects from the ground. Fitted to all excavators’ mod...
  • Excavator Ripper

    Excavator Ripper

    Shank ripper which is with a sharp tooth on the front which goes beneath the ground deeply to release the dirt for further excavation. Applied Size: It’s for 1 to 50 tons under most circumstances, but we could make it larger to fit customers’ s require. Characteristic: 1) Designed just for ripping, the ripper could reduce the amount of pressure added to the excavator itself, achieving more safety. 2) It could dig deeply into the earth which is handpicked or frozen. Features: a.Generally with ...
  • Tilt Quick Hitch

    Tilt Quick Hitch

    Quick couplers (also called quick hitches) are used with construction machines to allow the rapid change of buckets and attachments on the machine. They remove the need to use hammers to manually drive out and insert the mounting pins for attachments. They can be used on the excavator, mini-excavator, backhoe loader, and so on. We can supply three types: Manual type, hydraulic type, and tilting type. Hydraulic tilt quick hitch, which is the more enhanced type than hydraulic one, is with a til...
  • Hydraulic Pulverizer

    Hydraulic Pulverizer

    This type of pulverizer, which contains a hydraulic system inside which makes it conceived as the first and foremost for demolition of concrete and rebar, is the enhanced version of mechanical type. Hydraulic pulverizer is composed of body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw, and fixed jaw. The external hydraulic system offers hydraulic pressure for the hydraulic cylinder to make the movable jaw and fixed jaw open and close to achieve the effect of crushing objects. Fits 1 to 50-ton excavators (...
  • Hydraulic Quick Hitch

    Hydraulic Quick Hitch

    Hydraulic quick hitch is similar to mechanical type excepts the hydraulic system inside which allows the device itself to function better. Fits 1 to 50-ton excavators (Could be larger for customized). Characteristic: a. Combined with strength, durability, and safety, a hydraulic quick hitch contains a number of features that minimize the risk of any harm being caused during operation as well as providing a robust design to maximize the product lifetime. b. Double Safety System. A switch in th...
  • Trapezoidal Bucket

    Trapezoidal Bucket

    Trapezoidal bucket, also known as V-ditch bucket or V bucket, is named by the design which features a trapezoidal appearance. Applied Size: It’s for 1 to 50 tons under most circumstances, but we could make it larger to fit customers’ s require. Characteristic: a. Both blade (single or double) type and teeth type could be made for different needs. b. The unique appearance, whose upper width is much longer than down width, allows the trench or channel to be inappropriate size and straight shape...
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