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  • Hydraulic Rotating Grapple

    Hydraulic Rotating Grapple

    Hydraulic rotating grapple, is the more advanced grapple with a rotary system that allows 360 degrees’ rotation for lifting with more versatility. Fitted to all excavators’ models. Single-cylinder will be equipped for excavators under 3 tons, and double cylinders for over. Characteristic: Designed & manufactured with extreme closing pressures to ensure minimal load loss, and Widest Jaw Opening in its class which improves operator productivity. Besides, with the special system of rotating,...
  • Sorting Grab

    Sorting Grab

    Main features: 1) Using Q345 manganese plate steel, high strength, and corrosion resistance. 2) The pin is made of 42CrMo alloy steel, with butt-in oil passage, high strength, and good toughness. 3) Rotary motor imported from Switzerland. 4) The oil cylinder adopts honing tube, imported HALLITE oil seal, short working cycle, and long life. Application: All kinds of large-scale, bulk materials loading and unloading or handling operations. Sorting Grab  Item/Model Unit RSSG04 RSSG06 R...
  • Excavator Manual Grapple

    Excavator Manual Grapple

    Grapple is a lifting appliance that depends on jaw opening and closing crawl and unloading bulk material. It is divided into a mechanical and hydraulic grapple. Excavator wood grapple has two jaws, left and right sides, two to five claws or even more, by working on both sides of the opening and closing to grab material, shaped like two forks, as named ” Fork excavator gripper. “It’s a device with a jaw for gripping and lifting objects from the ground. Fitted to all excavators’ mod...