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The Ultimate Removal Tree Stumper

The RSBM tree stumper is the ultimate tool for stump removal and land clearing applications. Complete with a dual shank design to remove stumps with a minimal disturbance to the soil. Minimal soil disturbance improves land clearing efficiency by reducing filing and grading.


1. Pull hook design front and rear to rip stumps out of the ground or roll them over for a better cutting angle.
2. 2″ thick high tensile steel blade with flow thru cutting blade stops.
3. 2″ reinforced gusset on the blade.
4. Blade cuts both horizontal and vertical.


1. Slice lateral roots with minimum soil disturbance.
2. Twin rippers deliver slice and move capability.
3. Sharp front hooks split and lift.


The combination of RSBM tree stumper and thumb is very convenient for cleaning tree roots and land clearing, it is also easy to grapple tree branch.

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Post time: Jul-06-2023