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Excavator Manual Thumb

Short Description:

  • Product Name: Excavator Manual Thumb
  • Weight: 20-900KG
  • Material: Q345B, NM400, Handox400/500 etc.
  • OEM: Available
  • Machine Tons: 5-100tons Excavator
  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Product Detail

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    Excavators are capable of lifting large quantities of heavy objects, but like your hand, they need something to help hold in the load, a thumb.

    We have two types of excavator's thumb: mechanical and hydraulic; The hydraulic thumbs are divided into weld-on, Pin-on, and Progressive link thumb.

    RSBM excavator thumbs are some of the best in the excavator attachments and can provide after-sales thumbs for all major brands of excavators from 1 ton to 50-ton machines.
    The biggest features of the Excavator Mechanical Thumb: BEST PRICE, and no need to measure the size of the excavator, just know the excavator model that we can find the suitable thumb.
    Built to excel in Demolition, Placing Rip Rap, Brush and Log Handling, Scrap and Recycling, etc.


    a.Available for any size excavator.Custom sizes and widths available to meet your needs.
    b.Rigid and hydraulic versions are available. Special designs and capacities are available
    c.Scrap handling
    d. Sorting
    e. Loading and unloading of materials

    Manual Thumb
    Model  Fits Machine(LBS) Fits Machine(Ton) size Weight(lbs) Weight(Kgs) Fingers
    RSTM-001 490 4000 0 2 6"x18" 60 27 2 fingers 1/2" thick
    RSTM-003-1 6000 9000 3 4 8"x24" 110 50 2 fingers 1/2" thick
    RSTM-003-2 6000 9000 3 4 8"x30" 110 50 2 fingers 1/2" thick
    RSTM-005 9000 12000 4 5 12"x30" 135 61 2 fingers 1/2" thick
    RSTM-006 10000 13000 5 6 10"x35" 170 77 2 fingers 5/8" thick
    RSTM-007-1 12000 16000 5 7 12"x40" 250 114 2 fingers 3/4" thick
    RSTM-007-2 12000 16000 5 7 15"x42" 250 114 2 fingers 3/4" thick
    RSTM-009 19000 23000 9 10 18"x45" 550 250 2 fingers 1" thick
    RSTM-011 24000 39000 11 18 18"x50" 650 295 3 fingers 1" thick
    RSTM-018 40000 50000 18 23 24"x58" 975 443 4 fingers 1" thick
    RSTM-023 50000 60000 23 27 30"x62" 1400 636 4 fingers 1 1/4" thick
    RSTM-032 70000 100000 32 45 30"x70" 2200 999 4 fingers 1 3/4" or 2" thick


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