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Excavator Tilt Bucket

Short Description:

  • Product Name: Excavator Tilt Bucket
  • Capacity: 0.01m3-12m3
  • Type: GP, HD, HDR, Super Rock Bucket
  • Weight: Q345B, NM400, Handox400/500 etc.
  • Optional Parts: Optional wearing strip,wearing block, wearing angle
  • Weight: 50-10,000KG
  • Machine Tons: 5-100tons Excavator
  • Color: Original color or as customer's request
  • Delivery Time: 10 days after payment
  • OEM : Available
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Product Detail

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    RSBM tilting buckets are designed for ditch cleaning and sloping grading.
    Tilting bucket looks similar to a standard excavator bucket, except for its swinging feature. The design inside allows it to pivot 90 degrees in total (45 degrees on each side).
    Applied Size: Suits 1 to 50 tons’ excavator. (Could be customized for larger tonnage).


    a. The hoses that support pivoting are organized on one side to ensure that they won’t interfere with any function.
    b. the optional valves ensure that the speed of swinging could be adjusted to fit actual needs.


    Double reinforced supporting in the rotation mechanism and the hoses are crossed to avoid pinching.


    a.It can stand on the ground and the bottom is flat.
    b.Spill guard and cylinder guards to protect the cylinder rod and hose fittings
    c.Fitted with Flow Control Valves for easy adjustment of tilting speed to suit customer working preferences
    d.Reversible bolt-on cutting edge, heavy-duty cast banana side cutters and wear pads as standard to ensure that the customer achieves the highest productivity by increasing the life of the bucket
    e.Corrosion resistant high tensile pivot pins and hard inserts are used to ensure low maintenance and maximum performance
    f.Dual mechanical stops to extend cylinder life
    g.Design of hoses is reasonable or can be customized.

    RSBM tilting buckets are hot sale in Australia, New Zealand, and America. Increase the adaptability and productivity of your excavator with an RSBM Tilt bucket, which offers a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for work from the standard ditching and grading to backfilling and light material loading and handling. This type of bucket could be applied anywhere that requires versatility, such as batters, landscape, and dams.


    Tilting Bucket
    Ton Range Model Width  (mm) Bore(mm) Bucket capacity(m³) Weight(kg) Remark
    0T-3T TBmini-900 900 50 0.12 270 single cylinder
    3T-5T TB30-1050 1050 50 0.15 320
    4T-6T  TB50-1200 1200 50 0.2 420 double cylinders and double changeable cutting edges
    8T-12T  TB80-1500 1500 63 0.3 630
    12T-16T  TB120-1500 1500 63 0.55 700
    12T-16T  TB120-1600 1600 63 0.57 820
    18T-23T  TB200-1800 1800 80 0.9 895
    18T-23T  TB200-2000 2000 80 1.25 1280
    23T-29T  TB250-1800 2000 80 1.51 1390
    30T-36T  TB300-2200 2200 100 1.6 1950
    30T-36T  TB300-2400 2400 100 1.9 2100


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