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How to achieve the versatility of an attachment for different excavators?

Hello There, this is Moon from RSBM. Today I want to share with you a tip for saving your money when you are going to buy attachments.

If you have many excavators of the same brand with different tonnages like 5T or 8T, or many excavators of the same tonnage with different brands, like CAT305,PC50, SK50; or excavators of different brands and tonnages, achieve the versatility of an attachment for different excavators can save your money when you buy attachments.

Suppose you have three excavators CAT305,PC50, SK50 and you need a compaction wheel for each excavator, if you buy one for each machine, it will cost more than you buy one for these three machines. 

But if you buy from RSBM, we would like to offer you one bolt-fixed compaction wheel with three ear plates of different connection sizes. In this why, you can save money than you buy three compaction wheels.

Show you as below: Separate compaction wheel body from the ear plate, use bolt to connect them.


Change different ear plates can achieve the versatility of this compaction wheel. Same method can be used to other attachments, like breaker hammer, compaction plate and so on.


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Post time: May-04-2023