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How to choose the right pile driver

RSBM hydraulic pile driver is using its high frequency vibration to vibrate pile body with high acceleration to pass the vertical vibration of mechanical produce to pile which leading to changes in the soil structure around the pile, strength decrease. Soil around the piles become liquefaction to reduce frictional resistance between side of the pile and the soil. Then using the excavator down force, vibrating pile hammer and pile body weight to sink pile into the soil. When extracting piles, in the condition of vibration to pull out the pile by using excavator lift force. Excitation force needed by pile driving machinery are comprehensive determined by site soil, soil condition, moisture content and type of pile, construction. So do you know how to choose the right pile driver?

RSBM pile driver feature :

1.High performance damping rubber block: stable quality, long life
2.Hydraulic motor driven turntable: gear hidden design, effectively avoid dirt and collision, gear replaceable, close cooperation
3.Air vent: to ensure the balance of pressure in the gearbox and stable heat discharge
4.Detachable boom and turning shaft: small matching clearance, convenient maintenance stable and durable
5.Hydraulic motor: double efficiency, superior quality
6.Powerful hydraulic cylinder, super wear-resistant tooth block: the clamping mouth is strong and not loose. Double pressure protection device, firmly lock system pressure, to ensure the stability and reliability of clamped sheet pile.


Provide your working condition ,confirm you will use the pile driver to do what,we mainly apply to steel sheet pile,H-pile,steel pipe,concrete pile,stone pile and steel pipe,then match with suitable clip mouth.


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Post time: May-25-2023